• Nursery Volunteer // THe Reign Forest

    Love babies? As our congregation continues to grow younger, our nursery is getting more crowded and takes a lot of volunteers! If you are willing to attend one service and hold babies at another, fill out this application to become a ministry partner! Email Jen with any questions.

  • Kindergarten/pre-k Volunteer // The Reign Forest

    Due to changes made to some age/grade groupings in Children's Ministry, additional ministry partners are needed for the new classrooms. If you're interested in partnering with us, please fill out this form. Questions? For kindergarten, please email Jess. For Pre-K, please email Brittney.  

  • Middle Ground Volunteer // Student Ministry

    Due to changes made to the age/grade groupings in Children's Ministry, Middle Ground has expanded and is now a part of Student Ministry. Additional volunteers are needed (4-6th grade). If you are interested or have questions, please email JoAnna.



    Want to make a difference in the lives of teenagers? Sometimes all that takes is being present. Being an adult that shows up every week just because you care about what's going on in their lives...and being available for them to talk to and hang out with. Want to give it a shot? Email JoAnna for more info!

  • Ignite // College ministry

    Ignite is a college ministry that holds weekly worship on campus at SEMO. Communitiy, friends, teaching and fellowship are all on offer at these events. If you have a call to mentor young adults, this is the perfect place to fill that role! If interested, please contact Jeffrey Waters.

  • Hospitality volunteer

    Love to cook and provide a welcoming atmosphere? We need you! Each weekend takes the help of hundreds of volunteers. We love to provide snacks for the volunteers who are here for all weekend worship experiences - and the best kind are the ones you can't buy at the store! If you'd like to provide goodies, email Brittney for Reign Forest or Zach for weekend worship volunteers.

  • Welcome ministry // weekend worship

    Do you always have a smile on your face? Every person that comes through our doors is a new friend. Whether it’s opening the door with a smile or getting to know them while you show them how to use our app; we want our guests to feel welcome. Contact Molly with any questions.

  • environment ministry // weekend worship

    The smell of coffee brewing. Cozy chairs. Clean tables. Beautiful decorations. If you enjoy making people feel at home or have an eye for decorating, serving on one of our environment teams would be the perfect fit for you! Contact Molly with any questions.

  • Next Steps ministry // weekend worship

    Do you like to help people stay in the know? Handing out information, answering questions and simply pointing people in the right direction are all important ways volunteers serve our guests. Email Molly for more info.

  • Bulletin folding ministry

    Every Friday afternoon, a devoted group of volunteers meets to fold every single bulletin that gets handed out over the weekend! Folding that many bulletins requires a lot of hands! If this sounds like the right place for you to serve, contact Zach.