Posts from August 2017

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  • Mission and being a good student // jim beise // 8.4.17

    A second role often overlooked as we step out in mission is that of a student. The importance of learning at least some of the language and culture of the people we are meeting and serving cannot be overestimated... Read more.

  • Because of the global Leadership Summit // 8.11.17

    For two days it was like I wasn’t in prison, and that means a lot to someone sentenced to live out the rest of his life in prison. While facing the death sentence in county jail, a preacher visited and preached. At the end of his visit, I decided to approach him... Read more.

  • Backpacks for Fridays // Ann Cunningham // 8.18.17

    In our nation, we have more food than we can consume. It is plentiful, varied and readily available. However, there are many children in our own community who experience what is called “food insecurity”... Read more

  • Balancing needs // elena tanner // 8.25.17

    Before a team leaves for a mission trip, there is a lot of preparation that takes place. All logistics have to be worked out – airline tickets, ground transportation, and lodging. The team has planned, as much as they can, what their time will looked like in country... Read more.