Posts from December 2017

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  • Let's Dream Together // Gustavo Faleiro // 12.1.17

    Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas. Jingle Bells, snowmen and cold weather. This is what we call a “Christmas vibe” isn’t it? Not in Brazil! Summertime! Coconut water, beachwear and HOT HOT weather (no wonder how HOT it can be)! It changes a lot, right? Can you imagine Christmastime like this? Read more.

  • Saint NIcholas, then the Gospel // Chris Roark // 12.8.17

    Thailand, as you may imagine, has very different holidays than we do in America. For example, their New Year's Day falls in mid-April, but Thai people love adopting things from the West. They recognize "International New Years's Day," and they also recognize Christmas... Read more.

  • What Child is This? // Rob Mehner // 12.15.17

    At a very basic level, Christmas is about a child coming into the world in less than ideal conditions. A child who was rejected by his own people. The story includes the eventual arrival of strangers bringing gifts to this child of God. The Messiah had come to see and save the lost. Each year... Read more.

  • A Willingness to Do // Elena Tanner // 12.29.17

    For over six months, we shared all things missions with you. You heard from our Local Partners as they shared about their ministries and the amazing things they do throughout our community. You heard from missionaries around the world, diving deeper in the callings that God... Read more.