Posts from July 2017

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  • We're headed to Africa // Elena tanner // 7.7.17

    You’ve seen the movies, from Casablanca to Queen of Katwe. You know THE song (🎶 I bless the rains down in Africa 🎶). But these are only pieces of an amazingly diverse continent... Read more.

  • Safe and Sound in Swaziland // Elena Tanner // 7.10.17

    After close to 72 hours of travel, our team is safe and sound at our guest house in Swaziland. We traveled by cars, planes, plane-trains and vans; across time zones and borders and we are here... Read more.

  • Day 1 at the CarePoint // Morgan Gadberry // 7.11.17

    Today was the team’s first day at the CarePoint. We reunited with old friends and made new ones. Some kids came up to the team members and said that they remembered them which was amazing!... Read more.

  • Quality Day with the Homies // Kweku Arkorful // 7.12.17

    It is truly a blessing seeing God through bright smiles and joyful hearts. Upon arriving at the CarePoint today, we were greeted by multiple children who were anticipating our arrival... Read more.

  • Short-Time Visit, but Long-Time Friends // Amber Walker // 7.13.17

    It's only been three days in Swaziland and yet it feels like spending time with old friends. Today was an exciting day for so many reasons it's difficult to decide where to begin... Read more.

  • Realizing How we all strive for the same // kim walker // 7.14.17

    It was day four at the CarePoint. No day is ever the same. The previous day the Gogos challenged me to keep up with them while they cooked. So after our morning devotional with these wonderful women... Read more.

  • Last day, Best day // Blake Sparkman // 7.15.17

    Our final day at the CarePoint was a true blessing to the children, Gogos, staff, and team. The day began with us arriving to a bunch of joyful and grinning faces. Children continued to arrive... Read more.

  • A Privilege to Sing // Jim Beise // 7.16.17

    My musical friends and our Creative Arts team might be able to talk about the unique chord progressions and harmonies of African music. But sitting in a full Swazi church, worshiping with families and children... Read more.

  • Surrounded by God's Creations // Sarah Dovin // 7.18.17

    Our “Fun Day” began with a great message reminding us of how we can become familiar with our lives to the point of getting too comfortable with our relationship with God. Familiarity can be damaging... Read more.

  • Unforeseen gifts // jill LeGrand // 7.21.17

    As I grow in my faith, I find myself truly seeking God’s voice and trying to discern his will versus the voice in my head. As you know, this can be very difficult and tricky. As the Lord led me on this trip to Swaziland... Read more.

  • Next stop - Guatemala // Tim Vickery // 7.23.17

    When I talked to people in the U.S. about coming to Guatemala prior to our mission trip, many of them talked about how much poverty I would see in a very poor country... Read more.

  • Hands to work, Hearts to God // Craig Wells // 7.24.17

    Today we started work! Part of the group cleared brush from razor wire. My section started converting a space into more housing. We cut the studs, treated them for termites... Read more.

  • Say "yes" // Jason Landis // 7.25.17

    I'm not where I was a few weeks ago. Of course I mean that in terms of geography - I'm in Guatemala and not Missouri. But I also mean it in the sense of my thoughts and feelings... Read more.

  • Overcoming the Wall // Randy SParkman // 7.26.17

    I was excited for our first work day. I was ready to get busy and check lots of things off the list. My team was assigned pruning. “Sounds good," I thought. “We will go shape up some hedges this morning... Read more.

  • Setting the Scene // Bill Leming // 7.27.17

    A little bit about New Life Children’s Home. NLCH is a secure haven for 56 children in a very tough neighborhood. It is a little over 40 years old. There are four households... Read more

  • What? // Jimmy Wilferth // 7.28.17

    At the end of any mission trip to a third world, emotions run high and the question of "What now Lord?" begins running through your head. What to do with the new experiences, relationships... Read more.