Posts from June 2017

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  • La Croix on Mission // Jim Beise // 6.2.17

    If you could encourage and lift a person or community in need, would you be willing to give an afternoon? A week? Two weeks?   When you dream, pray, and plan for the future... Read more.

  • Where Starbucks and Hippos Meet // Kenny vanwinkle // 6.9.17

    For almost four years, we have lived in Swaziland and served at Project Canaan, which provides housing and care for orphaned children. The main things we do here are education and medical care... Read more.

  • Mission and Being a Good Guest // Jim Beise // 6.16.17

    One of the conversations important with individuals or teams preparing to participate in a cross-cultural trip involves a discussion on the various roles they assume or that are projected on them... Read more.

  • Uniting our city as One // Raelenna Ferguson // 6.23.17

    “I want you to start something like this.” Those are the words we heard. Jeremy and I were standing in a worship service in Austin. What captured us in that service was not the music or the sermon... Read more.

  • Faith and Sport // Mike Litz // 6.30.17

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministry exists to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. This has been a year of firsts for some area schools... Read more.