Posts from October 2017

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  • Expect God to Change You // 10.6.17

    If there is anything I learned in my short-term trip it is that God changed my heart so much more than I changed any part of Africa. The fact is, in a week or a month there is really very little you can actually do overseas. You probably don’t speak the language. You don’t understand the culture... Read more.

  • Love Gives Outside the Walls // Elena Tanner // 10.13.17

    As a church, we believe that God’s vision continually calls us outside our walls – to people and places throughout our community and around the world. As a church, we strive to be outwardly focused. We continually devote resources to people and places near and far... Read more.

  • exponential // elena tanner // 10.20.17

    Over the years, we have seen La Croix’s partnerships in the world grow in unimaginable ways. What used to be sending money and sending teams has grown into the people of La Croix developing personal relationships, taking initiative and using their specific gifts... Read more.

  • First Impression at New Life // Bryar Daum // 10.23.17

    Before we had arrived in Guatemala, I created a picture in my head that is nothing like the reality. I was picturing these kids to be living in awful circumstances and this isn't the case at all. The children living at this home don't have parents, but they do have... Read more.

  • Anticipation // karen ward // 10.24.17

    Anticipation. For some an old, familiar pop tune comes to mind. Others may remember when anticipation culminated in a wonderful life experience. Here at New Life Children’s Home in Guatemala ANTICIPATION is almost tangible. Camp begins mañana!... Read more.

  • will you join him? // Danea Johnson // 10.25.17

    God is at work in the world. Will you join him? It's hard to believe this is my fifth time here. It seems like only yesterday that I was wrestling with the decision to go or not. I had every excuse to not be bothered with it. Fear, pride and selfishness disguised as "busyness"... Read more.

  • The Work of God // Nathan Jones // 10.26.17

    Being my first time out of the country and my first mission trip, I had no idea what to expect. A few months ago, going on a mission trip was not even on my mind, but as life changes, so does your heart. God placed events in my life that changed my plans and he changed my heart... Read more.

  • Double the Fun // Grace Johnson & Ty Seabaugh // 10.27.17

    Well today was the last day of camp... what an experience! The kids that live at the home have gone through trauma and things that no kid or human should ever go through. Fortunately for these kids, they ended up at New Life Children’s Home where they are loved... Read more.

  • Hope of Redemption // Paula Gamble // 10.28.17

    Coming to Guatemala and being a part of what God is doing here has been very healing for me. At first, I wanted to come to visit Rob Mehner, who has been a godsend to me and helped me heal from the abuse I endured as a child by showing me what a loving father is really like... Read more.