Posts from September 2017

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  • Mission and Being a good servant // jim beise // 9.1.17

    A third role for those who desire to join God in mission is at the very heart of the example and teachings of Jesus, who asked: “who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27... Read more.

  • What does community partnership mean at La Croix? // jill Legrand // 9.8.17

    As a church, we believe that God’s vision continually calls us outside our walls – to people and places throughout our community and around the world. One way that we encourage the church to support our partner ministries is through prayer. Throughout 2016, you may remember... Read more.

  • The stories not told by back to school photos // crissy mayberry // 9.15.17

    Do you look forward to the back to school photos that flood social media each August? Those happy pictures with carefully chosen first day outfits, new backpacks, and forced smiles to commemorate the milestone? The moments captured simultaneously hallmark the bittersweet passing of time as our children grow another year older... Read more.

  • New Life at New Life // Rob & Kristy Mehner // 9.22.17

    We arrived in Guatemala on February 22, finished our formal language training on September 1, and are now settling into our new home and work. Three words will help us briefly share what God is doing in and through us (and through you as our partner!)... Read more.

  • Should I Go? // becky harding // 9.29.17

    "Should I go?" or “Becky, should I go on a mission trip?" These are the two questions I am asked frequently since I’ve been going to serve at Respire, a school in Haiti. When talking to others who do international missions, you will hear varying answers, but here are mine... Read more.